White Raven (International Book Recommendation for Children's and Youth Literature) for Secret Society KRVZ (2020)

Nomination for Cankar Award (Best Literary Work) for This Apple, Made of Gold (2020)

Nomination for Grum Award (Best Play) for You are the Miracle (2020)

Award Modra Ptica for a middle-grade novel Secret Society KRVZ (2020)

Borštnik Grand Prix (Best Show) for You are the Miracle (No Title Yet) (2019)

Nomination for Mira Award for literary achievements (2019).

Šeligo Award (Best Show) at 49nd Week of Slovenian Drama Festival for You are the Miracle (No Title Yet)(2019)

Audience Award at 49nd Week of Slovenian Drama for You are the Miracle (No Title Yet) (2019)

Highest art recognition by the University of Ljubljana (2018)

Prešeren Fund Award (National Award for artistic creation in the past two years) (2018)

Eurodram Honors, European Network for Drama and Translation selection of the translated plays for Seven Cooks, Four Soldiers, and Three Sophias. (2017)

Nomination for Prix Europa, the Award of The European Broadcasting Festival for The Socks. (2017)

Nomination for Grum Award (Best Play) for This Apple, Made of Gold (2017)

Municipal Award of Ajdovščina Municipality for exceptional artistic achievements (2016)

Grum Award (Best Play) for Seven Cooks, Four Soldiers and Three Sophias (2015)

Šeligo Award (Best Show) at 45nd Week of Slovenian Drama Festival for 1981 (2015)

Nomination for Grum Award (Best Play) for 1981 (2014)

Association of Slovenian Theatre Critics and Theatrologists Award for Best Theatre Show for The Feast (2012)

Šeligo Award (Best Show) at 42nd Week of Slovenian Drama Festival for The Feast (2012)

Audience Award at 42nd Week of Slovenian Drama for The Feast (2012)

Grum Award (Best Play) for 24hrs (2010)

Grum Award (Best Play) for 5boys.si (2009)

Zlato gnezdo (Award for collective of artists) for Preglej (2008)

 2017 by Črtomir Kovač.