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as a writer

Riba, raca, rak - short text for the Šift#4: Keemo,charity concert, conceived by Tomaž Grom, January 28, 2019

Be a Wife! - alternative Katarina’s monologue in The taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, City Theatre Ljubljana, February 14, 2013, directed by Anja Suša

Crowbar - text for the show Who is next? directed by Janez Janša, November 2011
                 - Installed in the performance Taboo by Alexander Manuiloff, Milena Stanojević, Yassen Vassilev at kvARTal Festival, Atelie Plastelin,                       Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2019

as a director


Hooray Nosferatu (2015) by Andrej E. Skubic, theatre show, National Theatre Nova Gorica, August 29, 2015 

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Endless Medication (2006) by Marijs Boulogne, theatre show, City of Women, May 14, 2006

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(Ne)forma (June 18, 2022) performative improvisation with Simona Semenič, Tomi Janežič, Samar Zughool, Ina Puntar, and Andrej Fon 

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A Report from the Frontline (October 8, 2021) informance by Simona Semenič, Simona Hamer, Jera Ivanc, and Kim Komljanec at the Amphitheatre Journal Symposium 2021 watch here

ROWAN, STRUDEL, DANCE, AND MORE (2021) video production of the play, directed by Martin Draksler

Life II [In Progress] (2009 -) by Janez Janša, photos by Nada Žgank, produced by Maska Ljubljana, engaged as a durational performer

Response Sound Maps /Walks (2012), radioCona Exhibition at Aksioma Project Space with an internet project Word is a Weapon, Take it Out of your Mouth by Simona Semenič, Simona Hamer, Zalka Grabnar Kogoj 

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