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FIVE LADIES, 2022; ​Five ladies are conceiving a theatre piece based on real events in contemporary Slovenia.

BEAUTIFUL VIDAS BURN BEAUTIFULLY, 2020; ​A play about historically significant and historically less significant women ... 

THAT'S NOT IT, 2019; ​A contemporary play questioning the Good and the Evil and the palette of shades in between ...  

YOU ARE THE MIRACLE, 2018; You are the Miracle happens in one single moment in which all of our joys, fears ...

ROWAN, STRUDEL, DANCE AND MORE, 2017; A comedy in a Mediterranean village in 1963 about a conflict between ... 

THIS APPLE, MADE OF GOLD2016; An erotic drama questioning the taboo of female sexuality in different stages of life. 

WE, THE EUROPEAN CORPSES, 2015; A play about the intimate story of a woman in an impotent political context. 

THE SECOND TIME, 2014; The second part of a Victim trilogy dealing with taboo diseases such as epilepsy and ... 

7 COOKS, 4 SOLDIERS, 3 SOPHIAS, 2014; A story about the real martyrs, their hangmen, and those cooking for them.

43 HAPPY ENDS, 2014; An autobiographical play about a single mother with a chronic condition. 

1981, 2013; A unique form of play that deals with experiencing the world in the future and the present as one. 

SOPHIA, 2011; A surrealistic play about the decay of those in power and their desire to maintain their sovereignty.

THE FEAST, 2010; A contemporary play crafted to ignite questions of our responsibility for global injustice. 

DO ME TWICE, 2009; An autobiographical play about the artistic process in fund-applications-oriented everyday life.

5BOYS.SI, 2008; Seemingly innocent children play a variety of games that reveal the violent oppression our society lives in.

YOU DIDN'T FORGET, YOU JUST DON'T REMEMBER ANYMORE, 2007; An intimate play about the difficulty of making choices.

I, THE VICTIM., 2007; A profound portrayal of someone whose life has tested them in more ways than one. 

24HRS, 2006; A contemporary dramatic composition about interpersonal relationships in times of ubiquitous interferences. 

THE SKY, 2020; Something extraordinary happens on the most ordinary quarantine spring day. 

RELAXED, 2020; A man is waiting for a woman, preparing the necessary landscape. 

LAST LOVE LETTER2017; A short play that installs romantic longing into the diffused contemporarity. 

BLAME IT ALL ON BOŠKO BUHA, 2011; A short play reflecting a dispersed contemporary reality. 

ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, 2007; A ready-made in five acts about applying for a visa to cross the borders. 

A VISIT, 2007; A girl knocks on her boyfriend's window only to find out he's not in, sleeping. And also not alone.

LOVING WILLY, 2005; A short play depicting a love triangle, culminating with a verbal confrontation between ... 

THE SOCKS, 2005; As bombs go off, we are familiarized with a couple fleeing for their lives, yet get caught up ... 

SECRET SOCIETY KRVZ, 2022; theatre show for children.

THE REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA, 2016; documentary theatre performance. 

DOPPLER, 2015; an adaptation of Erlend Loe's novel Doppler.

CINDERELLA, 2014; theatre show for children.

CAREFUL, PIKA!, 2013; theatre show for children.

KILL ME TENDERLY, 2012; an adaptation of Franček Rudolf's movie script Kill me Tenderly.

WHO IS NEXT, 2011; Janez Janša's project. 

HAPPY ENDS, 2011; theatre performance.

THIS IS ME AND WHO ARE YOU, 2010; theatre performance.

ON PRINCIP(LE), 2009; Jure Novak's devised theatre project.

BLIND.NESS, 2008; Ivan Talijančić's devised theatre project.

MALFI, 2008; a play based on John Webster's Duchess of Malfi

LIKE ME, 2006; Lara Jankovič's project, based on Edith Piaf's biography. 

SHE SAID..., 2005; Ivan Talijančić's devised theatre project. 

SOLO NO PEEK, 2003; theatre show. 

A FISTFUL OF EMPTY HANDS, 2001; devised theatre project. 

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