no title yet, 2018

rowan, strudel, dance and more, 2017

this apple, made of gold2016

An erotic drama questioning the taboo of female sexuality in different stages of life. more info

we, the European corpses, 2015

A contemporary play dealing with the invisible intimate story of a woman in a contradiction with loud political voices and impotent economical context. more info

the second time, 2014

An autobiographical play as a second part of a Victim trilogy, that deals with taboo diseases such as epilepsy, genital herpes, bed wetting and similar. more info


7 cooks, 4 soldiers, 3 sophias2014

A story about the real martyrs, their hangmen and those cooking for all of them, since the beginning of time. more info

43 happy ends2014

An autobiographical play about a single mother with a chronic condition. more info


A unique form of play that deals with the premise of travelling into your future body and back, thus experiencing the world in the future and the present as one. more info


A surrealistic play about the decay of those in power and their unrelenting resolve to maintain their sovereignty, no matter the cost. more info

the feast, 2010

A contemporary play crafted to ignite questions of our responsibility for global injustice, and our perceived helplessness to stop it. more info

do me twice2009

An autobiographical play about the play-writing process and making of a theatre piece in the fund-applications oriented everyday. more info


Seemingly innocent children play through a variety of games that showcase their innermost prejudice, and revealing the violent oppression our society lives in. more info

you didn't forget you just don't remember anymore2007

A subtly written play that deals with the difficulty of making choices, the similarity of twin souls, and the tenacity it takes to still believe you could change the world. more info

i, victim.2007

A profound portrayal of someone whose life has tested them in more ways than one, which has led to a twisted fascination and longing for perilous life circumstances. more info


A melodic and rhythmical harmony of contemporary dramatic composition that deals with interpersonal relationships in the times of ubiquitous interferences. more info

the last love letter2017

A short play that installs romantic longing into the diffused contemporarity. more info

blame it all on donnie darko2011

A short play reflecting a dispersed contemporary reality.  more info

one flew over the cuckoo nest, 2007

A ready made about applying for visa to cross the borders. more info

a visit2007

A girl knocks on her boyfriend's window only to find out he's not in, sleeping. And also not alone. more info

loving willy2005

A short play depicting a love triangle, culminating with a verbal confrontation between both women waiting for Willy, who locked himself in the bathroom.  more info


the socks2005

As bombs go off, we are familiarized with a couple fleeing for the lives, yet get caught up in a silly argument about socks that is clearly a metaphor for their deeper emotional struggles. more info

 2017 by Črtomir Kovač.